Summer – a key season for dealing with maintenance of the watch.

t01128b7aa17eef1ba5Summer is the season where the temperatures in the surroundings increase which increases the precipitation. The body releases excess sweat to maintain the balance of the temperatures of the body and the surroundings. The sweat so generated has different characteristic of acidity than the materials of the watch. This difference results in the sweat corroding the material of the watch. Hence it is very much necessary to know the maintenance of the watches during the summer. Some may find it ridiculous but this helps in increasing the lifetime of the replica rolex sky dweller. The maintenance also depends on the type of watch.

Jewellery watches: These watches are more a jewellery than a timing tool which needs more attention to maintain the shine. Because clothing is less in the summer, the jewellery on the watch is easy to crash or even fall off.  Tips:

  1. Jewellery watches are tender and are fragile for any impact, hence care to be taken to keep these away from summer sports.
  2. The gems on the watches are to be kept away from the hard things as they cause friction which results in loss of gems. Also they are to be avoided when spraying perfume. That will cause the corrosion or wear and tear.

Mechanical watches:The corrosion in the mechanical watches is mainly because of the exposure of the watches to the humid and the corrosive gases. The sweat also causes the rust formation which in turn results in loss of the benefits of the mechanical movement watch. Tips:

  1. It should be made sure that the watch is dried at regular intervals with silica gel dryer. This will remove any humid present in the mechanical portion of the watch.
  2. 775 ml of the fast solution to rust liquid helps in cleaning the movement quickly. Soak time depends on the rusted parts condition.

High hardness material watches: These materials are characterized by high hardness, wear resistance such as sapphire, high tech ceramic etc. But in the summer is often because of the outdoor activity as it causes the scratches which damage the outlook and beauty of the rolex explorer replica. Tips:

  1. These watches are to be avoided in the summer sports as these are with poor flexural strength and impact toughness than stainless steel. So to avoid hammering, impact or fall on the hard ground these are to be removed.
  2. It can be cleaned using toothbrush.

Gold plated watches: Gold plated materials are with chemical stability, wear resistance advantage. However, white gold or rose gold is especially are easily discoloured after a long time wear in summer. Because human sweat is contain small amount of chloride compounds etc., when these come in contact with gold plated may occur chemical reactions, resulting in small dark chemical salts. Tips:

  1. Use wet cloth to gently wipe the watch regularly; this will clean perspiration and dust.
  2. Use hair dryers to dry the watch.