Reviews on the Submariner 116610LN of the Rolex watch

be050a8b333e87c9c824c8a5381e12a2We have learned about the Submariner watch series 116610LN of Rolex; let’s acquire some way to identify the real Rolex watch.

Identify the truth Submariner watch 116610LN of Rolex

The fake rolex submariner series 116610LN of Rolex is the most popular in the imitation market. As far as the editor knows, the Guangzhou watch market at least has more than 100 businesses to make the fake Rolex Submariner watch. Some of them are two or three joint ventures to make the shell mold in different scales. On the other hand, this style of Rolex watch is very popular in the market. So how to distinguish between the truth and fake Rolex watch in this position. This is real an easy way to identify the fake or the truth watch in our daily life.

The truth Rolex “black kelpie” — better in light

The different luminous of the watch can be identify the difference between true and fake Rolex watch. You can see the light directly that the truth or fake Rolex watch at night two, but the fake one is not so good at the details. Brightness of the truth Rolex is better than the fake one which is completely not good enough. The truth one can be identify if you are serious to find out. This is the second way to identify the truth Rolex watch.

The truth Rolex “black kelpie” — a comparison of the calendar window

The truth Rolex “black kelpie”–the Submariner, its calendar window is with the blue membrane in the watch, which reflects the fact that Rolex is pay more attention with the detail and it is also the factor to identify the truth of the diamond rolex replica. On the other hand, the fake watch makers often overlooked this detail; the right of the fake watch cannot find the blue membrane in the watch. If you cannot see the blue membrane clearly incline the watch to one side then the truth or fake watch is very easy to identify by this way. This is the third way to identify the truth Rolex.