How to Avoid the Trap When Buying Replica Watches

16Firstly see the watch glass – do remember to select the sapphire crystal glass. Sapphire crystal glass is a kind of very high hardness material, its hardness is 7 times of the steel , strictly speaking, only a diamond can cut this kind of glass. How to determine the watch glass material or not: you can be aware of the back cover material, such as marked in English: Sapphire Crystal, which indicates that the wrist watch is Sapphire Crystal glass.

Secondly See the material and the texture – Choose the high quality stainless steel material. High quality stainless steel’s nickel content is low, which can ensure that rust protection, and it is not easy to induce allergies. How to determine whether the watch is using Stainless Steel or not: watch out for back cover material, if it is the wrist watch Steel belt, the back cover will mark with English: Stainless Steel, which indicates that the wrist watch is Stainless Steel material; If identified as: Stainless Steel Case, which shows that the wrist watch is Stainless Steel, the strap is not. maybe you can choose rolex explorer replica

Finally see the waterproof – select those watches that can at least 30 meters waterproof. 30 meters waterproof wrist watch generally is not recommended to be worn while swimming or bathing, but 30 meters waterproof wrist watch can ensure waterproof of the watch every day. How to determine whether it reach 30 meters waterproof or not: watch out for back cover, if the watch back cover is marked with English: water resistance 30 m, which indicates that the wrist watch waterproof reaches up to 30 meters.

Just keep in mind the above tips on buying replica rolex sky dweller watches so as to avoid the trap especially when you are making your purchase from online shop, where need to pay more attention on it including to choose a credible one with long history and good reputation and satisfied customer service and warranty.