2015 SIHH–Novelties Awaits

In the 2015 we have too many surprise as we have seen that new watches spring out. Some of them are designed upon the old one, some of them are the latest. Speaking of the latest watches, Cartier will be one that takes the lead in developing new watches.

In every SIHH, it has almost 100 new watches for us, and this year the most amazing one is the Rotonde de Cartier that has integrated minute repeater, tourbillon and moon perpetual calendar together, which is kind of amazing one as we have never seen such one. In addition to that, it also has other stunning ones.

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Montblanc brand has many breakthrough as we can see from very year’s record. It not only promoted lower watches, it has great performance in high-end watches. In this year, what Montblanc promoted is this Montblanc villeret tourbillon. It is fitted with a MB68.40 movement which has great polishing, and some legend function. Such as the a three-dimensional hands, and a profile that is depicted by the miniature. The latest Chronometrie series is quite similar one.

Richard Miller, however, in this year SIHH, it promoted a 19-02 tourbillon watches which is quite mysterious, as it has a flower in the dial and it blooms every five minute, and the most amazing part is that when the flower blooms, it will arise for 1 mm to highlight it. When you have you it on the wrist, tourbillon will move up and down.

Jaeger-LeCoultre has no new movements this year but it rolled out many new watches in this year’s SIHH, particularly this special dimensional, dual tourbillon watches. You will amaze at it only has one day different in about 3887 year. What’s more, it has a rotating axial so that it can move in three dimensional way.